Looking for a part time farm job


I am 18, and I’m looking for a part time farm job. I don’t drive tractors or other machinery yet but I do live on a farm.
I have taken care of cows, pigs, goats, chickens/quail and many more farm animals before. I am looking for a farm job because i need to save up money as early next year I’m planning on going to a different country for organic farming.
I also have experience with bottle fed calves as I currently am raising two of them. I am trying to currently learn to milk cows so if anyone needs an extra person then I will be willing to help with that. I would rather work on someone’s farm then work at a gas station or elsewhere.
I need a job before march of 2023. You can text me at 403-505-0851. Or just message me on here. I don’t tend to answer phone calls when it’s numbers I don’t know.
Last thing is that I live outside of Wapella, Sk. So I’m willing to work anywhere at least an hour away from home. I have a lot of things to do at my own farm but I’m sure we can work out something

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