Extraordinary finishing Carpenter for piece work required


I’m looking for this guy:
Your a finishing Carpenter with killer skills. You have all your own tools and might be addicted to buying new ones.
Your motivated by money. Your not afraid to work a weekend. Providing a very high level of skill and craftsmanship is evident in all your work.
Your easy to get along with. You dress the part. You don’t stink and have the majority of your teeth. You show up. You don’t do meth.
You can build a deck but can also build a kitchen.
Your organized, and appreciate the opportunity to show off your talent. You expect to be paid in a timely manner for your work.
You are multi talented. Besides carpentry, you can do a bathroom reno including most of the trade work to complete it. You can do minor electrical and plumbing. Tiling is fun and you do it well.
Most of our work is in the region of Indian head east of the city and Regina. You have the means to pick up and haul material as required.

We’re a small company. We already have a first rate Carpenter, but the quality of our work has led us to getting more quality jobs than he alone can complete. You would work independently of him , but all the support you need is a phone call away.
I cannot stress enough you must be highly skilled and not a dick. We’re great people and everyone gets along. Always.
If this is you, please give me a call.


1 306 537 7717

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