Don’t Work There


Got a job in Yorkton right away from a fast food restaurant located by the casino. Seems great, right ? Sadly no, while being trained they used brooms to sweep off shelves that held food containers and such. The trainer showed me that FYI and they continually touch there face and hats adjusting. Not washing hands but will make your burger instead. Don’t work there if you wanna see disgusting food being made, get more work loads and not properly paid. Pick up slack all the time of your co workers. No benefits or anything either. Offer a raise to train people of 70cents….. Don’t. They penny pinch like no other. ALSO CHECK THE CEILINGS WHEN USING THE WASHROOM. While I was there, the supervisor was putting his phone in the ceiling and recording staff while in bathroom. Did management ask about safety concerns or anything ? Won’t say anything. So be aware.