Class 5 Driver’s Licence Tutoring/Lessons


What I can offer you is:
• Previous SGI Class 5 driver examiner
• Over 38 years driving experience throughout North America
• Over 20 years experience teaching and training adults
• Bachelor of Adult Education and Training (University of Regina)
• Certificate in English as a Second Language Instruction (University of Regina)
• Practice in the vehicle you will be testing
• All tutoring/lessons are in English as required for SGI road test

Do you need practice for your Class 5 Driver’s Licence road test? It doesn’t matter if you have a Class 7 licence, driving on an out-of-country licence or just need a break from your parent, child or spouse. You can chose from one of the options below or I will customize the sessions to meet you needs.
Note: I do not provide any certification at the end of tutoring (6&6).

Option 1: $40.00
1 hour session with feedback that will include:
• Estimated 15-20 minute simulated version of SGI’s Class 5 road test
• Remainder of time spent in area(s) of improvement with ongoing coaching
Option 2: $40.00
1 hour session with feedback that may include:
• left and rights turns, shoulder checks, lane positions, parallel parking, obeying traffic laws and regulations and general safe driving habits with ongoing coaching
Option 3: $20.00
Estimated 15-20 minute simulated version of SGI’s Class 5 road test that will include feedback
Option 4: Cost to be determined
Contact me and I will customize the tutoring.

All tutoring sessions will leave from my downtown residence using your vehicle. Simulated version of SGI’s road test is not intended to be in any way an exact version of SGI’s road test.

If this is something you may be interested in please contact me at:
Phone or leave message: 306-525-2659
Text or leave message: 321-392-0612

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