Caretaker for Condominium Complex


The Board of Directors of the Country Squire Condominium Corporation is seeking a caretaker for general maintenance of its 36 unit building located at 26 Shaw Street in Regina. The caretaker duties are listed below. If you are interested in taking on any, or all of these duties, please respond with your qualifications, and expected remuneration by email, or by mail to #37, 26 Shaw Street, Regina, SK, S4R 3M4
Country Squire Caretaker Duties
1 Keep boiler and storage areas clean and dust free to avoid any danger of fire.
2 Keep water softener filled to fill mark with salt. When necessary, order salt.
3 Make regular, frequent precautionary checks on the condition of the water lines and other aspects of building and equipment condition. Enter the crawlspace once per week to check water and sewer lines for leaks.
4 Clean easily accessible windows, door glass, and mats as required to keep a clean and tidy appearance.
5 Vacuum the common area carpets weekly, and entrance areas more often if necessary.
6 Have common area carpets professionally cleaned on an as needed basis.
7 Keep laundry areas clean. Check lint traps weekly, and clean motor areas at least four times per year.
8 Check that boilers, water heaters, water softener, washers, and dryers are working properly. Make minor repairs where possible and call a repair person when required.
9 Change light bulbs outdoors and in common areas when necessary. Adjust light timers regularly.
10 Clean stair railings weekly.
11 Dust furniture and shelves in common area and window sills bi-weekly.
12 Purchase cleaning supplies, light bulbs, etc. as required and submit bills to the board for approval and reimbursement.
13 Make minor repairs in units regarding building plumbing and heating equipment. Any other repairs to the units other than that of the corporation shall be the responsibility of the tenant/owner except in the case of an emergency.
14 Remove snow as necessary to keep sidewalks on Shaw Street and building walkways clear. Salt all entranceways as necessary.
15 Keep lawn mowed, watered, and fertilized, flowerbeds weeded and watered, as needed to maintain a well-kept appearance.
16 Pick up refuse from the parking area and lawn. Sweep sidewalks and outside entrances as needed.
17 Make minor repairs to, and paint common areas of building exterior and interior when necessary.
18 Wash marks off walls in the common areas when needed.
19 Close all windows in the common areas at night.
20 Maintain equipment of the corporation, (e.g. ladders, leaf blower, and vacuum cleaner) and practice end of season maintenance of equipment. (e.g. lawn mower and snow blower)

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