(COBOURG) Weston Foods needs a LOT of Full Time Laborers


This ad is for work at Weston Foods Maplehurst factory in Cobourg ON, Canada.

WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU: Hi my name is Kaden Cardenas-Marett. I am a production laborer worker at Weston’s foods. I have been working at the factory for 3 months. I’ve been told I am able to get a bonus for each person that I refer to Weston foods Maplehurst bakery. So I’m taking this opportunity to help as many people as I possibly can to get into Weston foods, and I can help you along the way with some basic questions you might have that I could answer! As Weston Foods Factory are is looking to hire a LOT of full time workers. Applying for a job can be a bit stressful, especially when you don’t know what a job will be like. I want to make you feel comfortable and know exactly you’d be expecting when applying to Weston Foods, by having you ask me any questions your unsure of. Questions about pay? Dress code? Shift times? Availability? What kinds of tasks you might be doing? Ask me anything, I don’t partake in your hiring process so you have no reason to feel frightened about asking any questions! I’ll be working at the same level as you, possibly with you as-well! Never worked in a factory before? Ask me what it’s like! I don’t bite! I love helping people out as much as I can. I know that the first day of employment can be a bit nerve racking. So ask me as many questions as you like! I’ll try my best to answer all of them.

Like I said, my name is Kaden and I’m a production worker at Weston foods Factory, so if you get hired on the team feel free to say hi if you see me down the halls, or on the floor. I greet everybody with a smile, and would love to know that my ad helped you get a job with Weston foods 🙂 PLEASE NOTE: I am JUST a production laborer so I can only answer your question based on what I’ve experienced in my 3 months at Weston foods and details I’ve been given to tell people such as you, when I refer people. As the nature of all work places, something I say, may or may not change later on at the discretion of Weston foods (I don’t make the decisions, I’m just a normal everyday worker there). If you have questions that you want to know definite answers too, please call the number at the bottom of this ad.

DETAILS: Weston Foods has Good hours, Benefits, pension, a lot of friendly workers and is all around a pretty good place to work. They are looking for full time permanent laborers. In order to be a full time Weston Foods employee, they do require you to be able to work all shifts, (days, evenings, and nights). There is however, shift preference, so I’ve been told that if somebody would like straight afternoons that wouldn’t be a problem they’ll just have to discuss that at time of hire. Unfortunately they’ve said straight days isn’t a possibility because everybody wants straight days. I do encourage you though, to speak to Weston’s about shift availability because they will be able to tell you the exact details. Weston foods factory has a job fair on Friday January 11th 10AM-2PM and Saturday January 19th 10AM-4PM at the actual factory at 740 Devision Street, Northam Industrial Park, Cobourg, ON. You can call Weston foods directly also any day except Sunday. Or email by email listed below.

WHO TO CONTACT: Ready to apply to Weston’s? Or want to know details coming from the company itself. Just call this number; 905 373 7089 or you can email Weston Foods recruiter to Janice.beyore@westonfoods.com. When they ask (or if they forget to ask) if you we’re referred, just let them know that you were referred by Kaden Cardenas-Marett (that’s me) as it helps me out a lot! And they will get you rolling! This ad is just me spreading the word that Weston Foods is hiring, I am not responsible for hiring nor am I part of a marketing team. For official details regarding the company and position please contact Weston foods. Thank you and happy job searching!