Work from home: Part time or full time


Work from home: Part time or full time

Are you a …….. ?

supply teacher
Uber, Lyft, Amazon driver
taxi or delivery
stay at home mother or father
shift worker
armed forces veteran
post retirement second career seeker or
maybe you just want to try out a new career path.

Do you struggle with money?
Do you know anybody else that wants to be better at handling money?
Of course you do. That’s why we’re so busy.
Our company mission is to show families How Money Works.

Our offices across Canada are expanding during the pandemic and I am in need of hard working people to help educate middle income families across Ontario.

We offer you the ability to:

* Start part time while keeping the security of your current job.
* Work from your home office. Use video conferencing to meet people.
* You set your own hours. Usually evening and weekends.
* You maintain control of your life balance and your time.

We are looking for:

* Willingness to work diligently.
* Ability to follow instructions.

Compensation is by commission.
You shouldn’t limit yourself with an hourly wage. You already have a job for that.

Most of our part time people earn $600 to $1800 commission per month.
Most of our full time people earn $2900 to $5700 commission per month.

Your next step is to watch the video on this website to see if we are a good fit for you:

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