WANTED Persons to run SOP 8, $200/m + many bonuses


WANTED Persons to run SOP 8, $200/m + many bonuses
No machines, no religious groups, no Conversion, no Churches, no cults necessary or implied.
I tried to advertise this for free, but in this Capitalist, money-oriented society, people seem to only understand money.
This is somewhat sad, but so be it.
This is an intensive gig. This is a full-time job. The hours can be arranged.
Pay for job is $200 per month, plus many bonuses
* Knowledge that one is using ones time effectively, and that one is creating a valuable result
* Experience auditing
* Experience helping another
* Know-how to control ones spiritual identity, and the spiritual identity of others.
* I am going to be wealthy in a year or two. Perhaps I could increase the cost of your Service to me to like $10,000 / HR in the future. This would allow you to make a lot of money, while you would still offer valuable Service.
* Know-how that one can produce results on others that exceed the states that others get by paying tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for a lot less money, and more importantly MORE DIRECTLY.
This is a full-time Job. You can call yourself a councillor, a therapist, an auditor, whichever Title you like the most. There is nothing weird or strange about this, to you or others.
The modus operandi of this Procedure is communication.
By communication, people can improve their spiritual capabilities.
The goal of this Procedure is to put someone into the highest Spiritual Condition possible. This procedure is meant for use, but is rarely run, due to the fact that people often get distracted or misdirected by various factors in the world.
This is not good.
Beings are spiritually decayed and trapped on bodies. Various religions know this. The product of this Procedure, is a thorough rehabilitation of a spiritual being. This is very effective.
This procedure is much more powerful than any Buddhist or Hindu (or Christian or Islamic) technique.
Moreover, it actually produces results, and is not based on superstitions.
I can meet some buddies!! šŸ˜€
I can meet people who are on the same page as me. This procedure does not care about religious background, spiritual beliefs, etc. It just works.
My goals are to make new real, quality friends, to improve myself spiritually, and to improve my new friends spiritually.
I have no hidden agenda.
This procedure works due to the subject of Communication.
This procedure works because people get int communication with each other.
It is not run very often, because people are not in comminication very well with each other.
If you can’t go exterior to your body right now, that is the basic reason. Because communication can overcome any barrier.
I learned recently that this Procedure is still used. It is just run rarely. There is no good reason for this. It is very powerful.
It should be run far, far more. People just need to turn it into a job for another. I can run this process on you, too.
We would need to find a place to run this, maybe someone else’s house. It should be a quiet, calm place.
This procedure takes 3 people to apply. If I get enough replies to this post, then multiple people can run it simultaneously.
3 persons ideal, but 2 persons could also work.
I am living near Elmvale Mall right now.
Perhaps it would be best if one or a number of people can couchsurf at each others’ place. If we do do this, the logistics can be arranged. This process would ideally be done as intensively as possible.
Perhaps in between sessions we can hang out. Do people still barbecue in the midst of COVID-19?

Full text of Procedure

The basic technology of this operating procedure is to be found in The Factors, Scientology 8-8008 and at the Professional School.
In using this operating procedure, the auditor should give every heed to the AUDITORā€™S CODE. Further, he should audit the preclear in the presence of a third person or another auditor.
This operating procedure is best done by an auditor who has been thoroughly trained in all processes involving the reduction of the past and its incidents; the untrained auditor may encounter manifestations with which only a professional auditor would be familiar.
This operating procedure retains the most workable methods of preceding procedures and, in itself, emphasizes POSITIVE GAIN and the present and future rather than negative gain of eradication of the past.
The thetan, exteriorized and rehabilitated, can handle and remedy by direct address of his own energy to the body and the removal of old energy deposits, all body malfunctions or mental aberrations attacked by older processes. The goal of this procedure is not the rehabilitation of the body but of the thetan. Rehabilitation of a body incidentally ensues.
The goal of this procedure is OPERATING THETAN, a higher goal than earlier procedures.
The auditor tests the preclear for each step from Step I on until he finds a step the preclear can do. The auditor then completes this step and then the next higher step until the thetan is exteriorized. With the thetan exteriorized, the auditor now completes all seven steps regardless of the step performed before exteriorization. He may complete all these steps and all parts of these steps rapidly. But they must be done to obtain a theta clear and they must be done thoroughly to obtain an OPERATING THETAN.
The techniques involved herein were developed by L. Ron Hubbard and after testing by him, were tested by other auditors on a wide variety of cases. It is doubtful if any earlier process of any kind in any age has been as thoroughly validated as this operating procedure. However, it works only when used as stated. Disorganized fragments of this material, given other names and emphasis, may be found to be harmful. Irresponsible and untrained use of this procedure is not authorized. Capricious or quasi-religious exteriorization of the thetan for other purposes than the restoration of his ability and self-determinism should be resisted by any being. The goal of this process is freedom for the individual to the betterment of the many.
STEP I — Ask preclear to be three feet behind his head. If stable there, have him be in various pleasant places until any feeling of scarcity of viewpoints is resolved; then have him be in several undesirable places, then several pleasant places; then have him be in a slightly dangerous place, then in more and more dangerous places until he can sit in the center of the sun. Be sure to observe gradient scale of ugliness and dangerousness of places. Do not let preclear fail. Then do remaining steps with preclear exteriorized.
STEP II — Have preclear mock up own body. If he does this easily and clearly, have him mock up own body until he slips out of it. When he is exteriorized and knows it thoroughly (the conditions of all exteriorization) do Step I. If his mock-up was not clear, go to Step III immediately.
STEP III — SPACATION: Have preclear close his eyes and find upper corners of the room. Have him sit there, not thinking, refusing to think of anything, interested only in the corners until he is completely exteriorized without strain. Then do a spacation (constructing own space with eight anchor points and holding it stable without effort) and go to Step I. If preclear was unable to locate corners of the room easily with his eyes closed, go to Step IV.
STEP IV — EXPANDED GITA: (This is an extension of ā€œGive and Takeā€ processing.) Test preclear to see if he can get a mock-up he can see, no matter how vague. Then have him WASTE, ACCEPT UNDER DURESS, DESIRE and finally be able to TAKE OR LEAVE ALONE each of the items listed below. He does this with mock-ups or ideas. He must do the sequence of WASTE, etc., in the order given here for each item. He wastes it by having it at remote distances in places where it will do no good, being used or done or observed by something which cannot appreciate it; when he is able to waste it in vast quantities the auditor then has him accept it in mock-up form until he no longer is antagonistic to having to accept it even when it is unpleasant and great force is applied to make him take it; then, again with mock-ups, he must be able to bring himself to desire it even in its worst form; then, by mock- ups of it in its most desirable form he must come to be able to leave it entirely alone or take it in its worst form without caring. EXPANDED GITA remedies contra-survival abundance and scarcity. It will be found that before one can accept a very scarce (to him) thing, he has to give it away. A person with a milk allergy must be able to give away, in mock-up, enormous quantities of milk, wasting it, before he can accept any himself. The items in this list are compounded from several years of isolating what factors were more important to minds than others; the list lacks very few of the very important items if any; additions to or subtractions from this list should not be attempted. Viewpoint, work and pain should be heavily and often stressed and given priority.

See http://lrhmaterials.com/materials.php?dir=03-WRITTEN_Materials%2FBooks%2F&download=1952+Scientology+8-8008.pdf for Procedure, copy and paste into Browser.

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