Use Of Force and Defensive Tactics Training


Date: May 7th
Time: 10am-6pm

This course offers in-person training with a certified instructor which includes the following:

Program Overview
Tactical Communication
Situational Awareness
Conflict Resolution
Proper use of Handcuffs
Passive Handcuffing
Active Handcuffing
Non-compliant Cuffing
Take-down Techniques
Grounding Techniques
Suspect Control Techniques
Knife Defense
Defensive Tactics
Pressure Point Control Techniques
Proper use of Baton
Ground Defense Tactics
Positional Asphyxia
Excited Delirium

Upon course completion, participants will be provided a certification card. Use of Force certification is valid for 12 months and requires annual recertification as recommended by international courts and current police policies

Sanctioned by GC Tactical

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