Snow Shoveling for CASH


We are looking for Shovelers for the Orleans area. $20 Cash. You will be part of a team who shovels and snowblows walkways. Most shifts are between 6am-3pm but can be anytime between 6am-11pm. Typical shifts are 5-7 hours. Having a vehicle is an asset. Minimal driving required. (only a few Kms)


1) $23 Per H for on the books with your own Car
2) $21 Per H for on the books without a Car. (Must get to Orleans)
3) $20 Cash Per H with your own Car
4) $18 Cash Per H without a Car. (Must get to Orleans)

Please send me an Email with the option your interested in as well as a brief description of past experiences. Feel free to ask questions.
Were also looking fore spares. Let me know if you want on the spares list. Spares are used for Big snowfalls or when a main member is unavailable.

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