Personal Assistant Wanted Downtown


$20/hr, located at Metcalfe & Nepean, downtown Ottawa.
My preference is to support a university or college student with part-time employment through the summer, and potentially into the oncoming academic year.
Duties include grocery shopping, (online, or on-site—minimal walking), preparing dinner from a meal kit with ingredients and instructions provided, miscellaneous errands such as dry cleaning runs (5-minute walk), recycling and garbage disposal, watering plants, changing bed sheets, occasional leather furniture wipe downs, minimal vacuuming, and laundry folding for professional man. No ironing and no bathroom cleaning. Duties can be expanded to research and administrative work if you have an aptitude for that.
Two evenings (4 hrs a week)—Monday or Tuesday, and Thursday or Friday; flexible. Minimum pay of 2 hrs per evening. (e.g., minimum of $80/wk or $320/month to offset your rent costs, or give you extra spending money.) This opportunity and its associated income is expandable based on your interests and demonstrated competencies.
You must be able to demonstrate you have 3 COVID vaccination shots, or a documented medical exemption.
Only applicants of interest will be invited to a brief screening via short video call. An in-person, on-site interview is the second step. Government issued ID and some basic personal identifying information will be required for security purposes. A brief probationary period with reduced hours may apply if I decide to trial more than one applicant simultaneously. Absolutely no smokers, and please don’t try to hide it; you will end up wasting your time and mine.
When responding to this ad, please provide a brief description of why you would like to have this job, your academic pursuits, and why you think it would be a good fit for your needs. You will next be invited to submit your resumé to determine if you will be invited to a screening video call. Please note that failure to follow these basic instructions will result in ‘delete.’ That said, pre-application clarifying questions are very welcome.

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