Personal Assistant, Support Person Starting ASAP


Personal Assistant, Support Person
Who I am:
I am a young man who has chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction. I do not eat or drink liquids. I take daily in TPN and IV saline for nutrition and fluids. I live in my own home with a friend/roommate and do all my nursing care. I am an extreme nerd, I’m told.

I’m looking for a personal assistant, support person. Someone extremely organized, reliable, and honest. Possibly a medical or nursing student or anyone interested and or experienced in working with chronically ill young adults
I require someone to help me with my daily routine and structure, stay organized, track all my medical supplies, research for an upcoming bowel transplant, and support staying motivated and productive despite my chronic symptoms of nausea, pain, and exhaustion.

– Proactive and organized
– Good written and oral communication skills
– Computer skills (Office Suite)
– An interest in medical procedures
– Positive and energetic
– Patient leadership style
– Sense of humour will be required
– Car

I need assistance on a part-time basis for approximately 5 days a week.

$25 an hour on a contract basis
Mileage reimbursement
Contact me through email if interested or have any questions. Thank you

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