Personal Assistant Position


We are two households of busy professionals looking for help staying on top of life. We are seeking someone who can be a sort of Swiss army knife, helping with tasks ranging from the very simple (e.g. picking up the dry cleaning, paying a phone bill) to the more complex (e.g. event planning, developing organizational systems). Some of it will be simply doing a given task, whereas some of it will be working with us to help us be organized and on top of the things we need to do.
The hours are flexible and variable, but will likely average to about 25-30/week, depending both on our needs, but also your preferences. Much of the work can be done remotely, but some of it requires in-person in Chelsea/Wakefield (must have own vehicle, but transportation time + gas will be covered).
Who you are:
– Personable & easy to get along with
– Well-organized
– Proactive… a self-starter
– Excellent problem solver
– Eye for detail
– Ideally, able to do some evenings and/or weekends
If you’re the right fit, we are very flexible on details of the position, and willing to modify it to work for you.
We are fun, easy-going people who have a great relationship with our former assistant (who sadly is leaving us for a fancy job in the government). Come help us get our chaotic lives in order!

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