Painter Apprentice



Job Description:Veni Vidi Vici cabinet refinishing is exciting fast paced company with a myriad of opportunities. We are involved in a growing market that partners with numerous organizations across the Ottawa region as well as Eastern Ontario. Serving a unique market of diverse and eccentric clientele Potential candidates will be immersed in a dynamic work environment that will provide them with opportunities for development in both technical and social markets. We are seeking candidates who possess qualities such as but not limited to: Desire to learn and acquire skills Personal charisma Optimistic and up beat attitude Self disciplined and dedicated to personal progress. Approachability and comfortable around people. Positive energy diligence and hard work Reliability Affiliated members of Veni Vidi Vici will be responsible for engaging with clients and and reassuring them of the quality of hardware they entrust to the company, this involves removing and transporting goods to separate location for restoration and rejuvenation of the customers product. Veni Vidi is a highly motivated and competitive company that understands valued affiliates deserve fair and adequate compensation for their dedication to the company, that is why Veni Vidi Vici maintains they reward it’s employees with some of the highest salary’s in the industry. If this sounds like good position that meets your demands one are associates would be excited to hear from you! Job ID: 20249288
Veni Vidi Vici Cabinetry Refinishing

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