Ottawa valley and surrounding area pool closures!


End of season special! 250$ flat rate

It is that time of the year again where we must close our pools for the cold winter season!
We offer full closing services for both in ground and above ground pools!
Closing your pool can be a very annoying task and when not done properly can cause significant damage to your pool and your equipment.
With our services, you get all of these tasks done professionally on your schedule.
We use a professional blower to blow out all of the lines of the pool, we pump your water level down to the exact location it needs to be.
We make sure you have the proper plugs
We make sure your skimmer and equipment are properly winterized and set for the cold temperatures
We winterize your pump, filter, salt system, heater and lights!
We remove and store all ladders, baskets and diving boards.
We remove all water from pipes to ensure there is no damage done to plumbing
We also install safety covers and water bags!
We add all chemicals needed to make sure the job is done right and your pool is ready for the next season.

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