Oracle/Siebel CRM Architect


The recruitment team at Myticas Consulting is looking for an experienced Siebel CRM Architect who would be interested in a contract opportunity offered within the Ottawa, ON region.


Deliverables include but are not limited to:

  • Analyze and propose alternative architectural solutions to meet business requirements;
  • Participate in the development of policies, functional designs and guidelines in support of the Siebel CRM architecture activities;
  • Ensure business requirements and initiatives are assessed against all current Enterprise Architecture components;
  • Develop and/or maintain application migration strategies to migrate Siebel data to/from legacy databases to meet business and system requirements within the Siebel application framework;
  • Analyze, develop and implement applications that process and transform user data using Microsoft SQL Server to meet business and system requirements;
  • Provide technical direction and support to the development and business teams by answering questions regarding the Siebel application framework and the Legacy Data Models, how other databases are mapping into the Siebel application (interface), and the implementation and sharing of seed Data;
  • Conduct Data Model walkthroughs and analysis of legacy data structures and data content while addressing rules and constraints imposed by the Siebel CRM application framework;
  • Architect and develop database structures for applications with adherence to Corporate data strategies and the Siebel application framework;
  • Develop implementation procedures for the creation, modification and deletion of Seed Data that support the Siebel framework;
  • Design and maintain Seed Data change control processes and conducting Seed Data content analysis to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the data;
  • Architect and develop Seed Data application tools (e.g. Tool for comparison of Seed Data content between environments);
  • Work with Database Administration staff to ensure that Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM) and application loading mechanism are appropriate and effective to support the Siebel application framework;
  • Review Change Requests and identify requirements and impacts;
  • Provide related briefings and status reports to management;
  • Design and implement seed data load preparation;
  • Analyze data structures and data to support Siebel framework;
  • Implement business requirements within the Siebel framework;
  • Provide change control and identify architectural solutions for application structures.

  • Provide data administration tools;
  • Provide documentation support for development teams;
  • Provide schema updates for Siebel data base;
  • Provide stored procedures for legacy data, IFB files, database compare tools, EIM mapping and EIM templates;
  • Provide weekly Status report to the management team and technical authority identifying accomplishments during the reporting period, outstanding issues and planned activities for next time period; status reporting will be through a variety of media, including but not limited, to MS Word, MS Outlook, Visual Studio Team Foundation Server task item and weekly project status meeting.

    Myticas Consulting
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