COVID safe.

Labour = free rent + $$$ bonuses.

Earn large & reno’d apt + extras.

Guardian like unique Super pay job (also open).

Part- or full-time flexible hours: mtc, repairs & renos on ±12 apts.

MANY other advantages: See ADVANTAGES below for details.

→ To apply for job, see NEEDED✳ below.



Beechwood Avenue Area apartment:
Huge, Bright, Reno’d: Fresh Paint, Oak/Maple Floors, New Blinds, Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations, Rare Features, Etc.
Eat, Shop & Play in this Popular Neighbourhood.
Central & Commute Friendly (Walk, Bike, Bus, Drive).

→ Details: See our Kijiji Profile Ads (Visit URL below or Click “View Listings” link on this webpage):


This is not a typical Guardian/Superintendent job, especially compared to bigger buildings. More units mean more troubles. We do not have the problems of bigger buildings with all their tenants and turnovers (stress, complaints, after-hours emergencies, etc). This means our work is more fun and fulfilling.

– live onsite (live-in unit)
– bondable & responsible
– self-starter & independent hard-worker
– construction experience with drywall repair, painting, etc
– superintendent experience a plus, but not needed
– plumbing & electrical experience a plus, but not needed
– vehicle not needed

– guardian inspections: monitor properties
– building maintenance: some repairs + little cleaning
– grounds maintenance: little yard work + rare landscaping
– apartment maintenance: some repairs + turnover cleaning
– renovations: regular building & apartment upgrading

– setting that safeguards against COVID-19 risks
– better than usual super jobs with bigger buildings (more units = more troubles): so our work more fun & fulfilling
– work/labour credits; rate based on skills, experience and performance
– very large, central 2-bdrm apartment, with furniture and home office or extra room
– money available from performance bonuses
– flexible hours for rewarding customized work-life balance
– available training & learning, at your own pace (add/improve skills)
– no commuting daily (avoid stress + save lost time, effort & money)
– pay advantages, like no government deductions
– tax advantages, like write-offs and no/low income taxes
– higher net pay for more money earned
– promotion opportunities, with profit sharing available

– Send your resume/CV by Kijiji email attachment (not link).
– References are needed later, but can be included with resume/CV.
– State if you want part-time and/or full-time work in email message (not attachment).
– State in email your hourly rate wanted (for work/labour credits applied to apartment rental value).
There are also monetary performance bonuses available.
Plus, avoid stress, and save time, effort & money — all needed elsewhere for gear, vehicle, commuting, higher taxes, government deductions, etc.

✳ For example: “My rate wanted is $16-18+/hour minimum, before performance bonuses. I’m available for part-time or full-time work. I can start immediately. My resume is attached.”

Your email will be ignored, unless you include what is needed. See above ✳.

We initially ignore requests or questions. Once we contact finalists, we will provide more information and answer any questions you may have.

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