Job Opportunity – Administrative Assistant


Humanics Universal Inc. is looking to hire 2 suitable candidates . Candidates selected for these positions will work at the company’s office in Orleans, and will directly report to the CEO and President of the Company and will have to perform the duties and responsibilities outlined hereinafter. The two selected candidates will share the work involved, but the more qualified candidate will function as the principal Office Manager.

Humanics Universal is a Federally registered small business organization located in Orleans and mainly engaged in real estate development, consultancy services in a variety of fields, and is a legacy donor of the Humanics Institute a registered non profit organization that has developed and operates the Humanics Sanctuary and Sculpture Park.

1. Handle incoming and outgoing correspondence and mail including e-mails received by Humanics Universal Inc, and the President and the Secretary of the Company, sort, and prioritize and prepare them to be dealt with accordingly by the President, or the Secretary of the Company.
2. When called upon to, write and distribute email, correspondence memos, letters faxes and forms, and assist in preparation of regularly scheduled reports.
3. Properly organize and maintain the Company’s filing system including e-mail and hard copy files, ensure that they are kept safe depending on the relative security requirements. Also help with properly archiving company electronic and hard copy files.
4. Help in properly maintaining the books and accounts of the corporation, with due consideration of the appropriate security requirements.
5. Help company personnel with travel arrangements and to maintain travel records and submit travel claims.
6. Be knowledgeable about the business operations of the Company, its customers, contractors, and service providers, including but not limited to company bankers, lawyers, accountants, engineers, etc.
7. Help in maintaining contact lists of the organizations and individuals that the company deal with, act as the contact point for internal and external clients and provide general support to visitors.
8. Assist in maintaining and adherence to office and corporate policies and procedures.
9. Organize meeting between company managers, staff, share holders and other stake holders and help in maintain records and minutes of such meeting.
10. Assist in maintaining the company premises, and its environment safe, clean and orderly.
11. Liaise with and handle request and quarries from Company Executive and Senior Staff in a mutually respectful way.
12. Be fluently bilingual and be willing to work with both official languages of Canada.

Qualifications Required.

Selected candidates should preferably have:

a) Some experience in office management and office management systems and procedures.
b) Working knowledge of office equipment, like computer, printers fax machines
c) Proficiency in typing, MS Office and other office management software.
d) Good time management and problem-solving skills and ability to prioritize work.
e) Good organizational skills with ability to multi-task.
f) High School degree.
g) Preference given to those with additional qualifications as an administrative assistant or enrolment in a related post secondary education program and knowledge of an Accounting/Financial Software package such as Quick Books.
h) The selected candidates must be between 15 to 30 years of age.
i) The selected candidate must be bilingual and able to work in both official languages.
j) Must be a Canadian Citizen, Permanent resident in Canada or a documented refugee.

The Humanics Institute is committed to hire youth from Indigenous, visible minorities, new immigrants, documented refugees, and other such groups facing barriers to employment. The Candidates hired for these positions will be supervised and provided with appropriate guidance and training to enhance their skills and aptitudes

Duration of Employment 28th of September 2021, at least one and potentially both these positions may be extended up to 27th of February 2022. There is also a possibility of making at least one of these positions a permanent position.
20 hours per week
$15 per hour
These two positions are expected to be at least partially funded by Canada Summer Jobs Program.

To apply, submit a cover letter CV.

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