Jabulani Vineyard Crew


Starting at $14.25/hour depending upon experience. Salary is based on hours worked and is paid every two weeks.
Tentative starting date: April 2021
The job is physically demanding with repetitive tasks, such as weed control, pruning and tying the vines, grass cutting (both in the vines and around the winery) and tending to the gardens (some landscaping). The team will learn to drive various sizes of tractors and other machinery and also learn about cold climate grapes; from pruning to veraision, to netting, to harvest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pR9oys8BF4
Note that Jabulani is a non-smoking venue (no vaping, no smoking and no marijuana of any kind is allowed). There is one section, near the parking lot for those who need to smoke cigarettes but that is the only place, as the discarded butts pose a fire hazard to the wooden structures and to the grape vines.
Skills required:
• Ability to communicate effectively in English
• Past experience with machinery as well as with pesticides and herbicides would be an asset
• Any past experience in a vineyard or landscaping environment would be an asset.
• A safe and responsible attitude in dealing with equipment such as lawn tractors, weed eaters, pruners and other mechanical devices is required.
• Physical stamina and strength
• Coordination and manual dexterity
• Ability to follow instructions and work well in groups or individually with little supervision.
• Be capable of working outdoors in all weather conditions (heat, rain, cold, etc.)

Working conditions: Requires sitting (on lawn tractor), standing, bending, reaching, possible lifting, crouching, kneeling and/or continuous focus on vine rows while mowing. Most tasks are repetitive, for extended periods outdoors, in all weather conditions (note for severe weather such as extreme heat or thunderstorms there will not be outdoor work and may not be any work that day). Given that most of the working days will be during the hot summer, hours will be 7am to 3pm unless otherwise arranged.
Note that there will be possible exposure to pollens, moulds, sun, insects such as mosquitoes, bees or wasps.

Work Environment: Farm work mainly in the vines, with weeding/landscaping in the flower and vegetable gardens and mowing in the vines as well as the farm/winery grounds. In extremely poor weather, there may be tasks that can be done in the barn or winery but this is not guaranteed so there may be days with no work.

Transportation/Travel Information: Must have your own transportation

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