Install window A/C and blinds on balcony


I am looking for assistance
1) to have my window A/C (15,000 BTU) installed for the summer. Involves lifting it up into the window and securing it properly with duct tape and foam (I will provide)
2) to install my 2 plastic blinds on the balcony (ideally suited for a roofer). The hooks are already there. Need to go up on a ladder in a safe manner and hook the blinds on and then secure with the rope that ties them onto the balcony rail. This was done for me for years by a roofer. Would need you again in the Fall to take down the blinds -which is a fast job.
Please respond with a quote for either or both jobs and your availability and any questions. Timing is flexible – i just need the AC in before it gets hot again.
Thank you!

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