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Hello hi have my handyman/General Contractors of constructions service’s Hi Looking for employers or General Contractors sales rep only with Commissions if you interested let me Knows pleases considering Our Request hi hope to hear back from you Soon, What hi needs from workers Housing builder from start to finishes In Ontario house Builder needs Licensing to works and ONTARIO General contractors sales rep only With commissions only Architects housing plans design with Licensing Principal engineers/supervisors with Licensing Civil engineers/manager with Licensing Projects managers/ care about Constructions site with licensing Forman/supervisors of Labor General Labors/clean-up and Movers and Landscaping Guys Painter/sander/plaster/Taper wall and ceiling Guys Carpenter/install/repairs with licenses Guys Tile install/repairs Guys Hardwood Floors install/repairs Guys Drywall install/repairs wall and ceiling Guys Framer install/repairs Guys Insulation install Guys Siding install/repairs Guys Doors/windows install/repairs/ Roofer shingles install/roof repair Guys Gutters install/repairs Guys Foundations install/repairs Guys Concrete install/repairs Guys Masonry install/repairs Guys Cement install/ repairs Guys Brick worker install/repairs Guys Iron install/repairs Guys Welders Guys with Licenses HVAC/ Heating systems install/repairs With Licenses Electricians install/repairs with Licenses Plumber install/repairs/ with Licenses Thanks
Steph handyman/General contractors of constructions service’s
Cells (343)961-8972

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