Help with delivering a Dresser


I need help to move a dresser and a table from Ikea to Bayshore mall. Need help in collecting the items from Ikea (One of the items is low on stock, so I cant use click and collect) and then help in loading them to my vehicle. Then Need to take them out in my apartment near Bayshore mall and move them to the apartment.

You can come and park either at my apartment complex or at Ikea. Then we can collect the furniture items from Ikea (Ideally, this will take less than 15 mins. May take longer if there are huge lines at Ikea) and load them to my vehicle. Then we have to drive near Bayshore mall and move the items (in the elevator, less than 20 mins. 2 trips).
Will pay $30.
I can do this today (but Ikea may be busy) or tomorrow after 3:30 PM (again earlier the better as Ikea may become crowded after 6:00PM).

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