FT: Empress Effects Inc – Product Assembler


Please do not message me through Kijiji or provide a resume through Kijiji, I’ll have to ignore it. Please apply here: https://empresseffects.wufoo.com/forms/?field559=kijiji&formname=ft-empress-effects-inc-product-assembler

Pay starts at $17-$20/hour depending on skills. 40 hours a week. On-site in Kanata. Benefits package after 6 months of work. Ability to move up to higher positions. Our current customer service, head of repair, and head of shipping, receiving, and inventory all started out as assemblers.

Tame Impala, Andy Summers, The Roots, Mars Volta, Deadmau5, and other world-class musicians use our guitar effects and modules. Some of our products are completely analog and some are completely digital, but we strive to make sure they all spark joy.

As a product assembler, you would be building product in a production cell, from start to finish: assembling, soldering, testing, debugging. And most of all: continuously improving the quality and efficiency of the way we build product. If you don’t know how to solder right now, I don’t care: it’s an easy skill to learn, and we’ll teach you.

Instead of giving you a long meaningless list of responsibilities and required skills, how about I just show you a video of exactly the kind of work you’d be doing. Please see the YouTube video linked above.

That’s John, one of our master builders, building an Empress Euroburo. He worked with our design team on a number of the jigs seen in that video. He’s also continuously making improvements to the way the product is built, to increase quality, build speed, and safety. We expect all our assemblers to do the same.

We focus heavily on lean production (a system invented by Toyota). This means that everyday we try to improve how we do things. It’s not easy: a lot of times it’s frustrating and hard work. But you’ll see the result in the video above. We expect our assemblers to be actively thinking about improvements while they are building. Our assemblers work with our design team to improve the build process, whether that’s designing new jigs, rearranging the build steps, etc. Some of our assemblers have taken it upon themselves to learn CAD and electronics.

Okay, I fibbed a bit, there are some requirements:
– you must be fully vaccinated.
– you must be able to stand for long portions of a shift. Building pedals in a production cell is almost a sport.

If you’ve gotten this far, you just might want to apply!


Thank you for your time,


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