Cover Letter and $26 Resumes


Applying for Jobs can be a very tedious task that most of us just quit thinking that the dream job is out of sight. You have all the skills and the abilities that no one around you has and yet they STILL overlook your potential. WHY!? Because frankly they don’t notice you. Your resume looks too generic. Layers of information that don’t stand out. You are not like everyone else, so why is your resume like everyone else’s? I was there with a mediocre resume that was plain and basic. No job opportunities that I was interested in came my way until I found the best format for a resume. It has simplicity, symmetry and a colorful aesthetic that catches the eye. I want to share that with you guys. The ones who need that extra help to get them to the place they want to be. TEXT or CALL me at 705-440-9723 if your ready to take your resume to the next step. BTW! you also get a free cover letter!!

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