Compassionate & Energetic Instructor (In Gym & Online)


Do you get energized when the programs you design favourably impact and change people’s lives?

Does the opportunity to work at an Independent Health Facility that offers a wide range of instructor-led, research-backed, high-intensity exercise programs to address the specific needs and interests of seniors and people with Parkinson’s disease, interest you?

• Hope and support through challenging exercise programs to slow down the progression of Parkinson’s and help people enjoy a better quality of life.
• Professional development so instructors can be PWR! certified and PD Warrior Level 1 Certified.
• Consistent access to programs by being an essential service and offering classes in the gym locally in Ottawa ON.
• A supportive community online, offering our high-intensity training across Canada.

Our Core Values
• Act: Our challenges don’t define us, our ACTIONS do!
• Support: We care about our members and staff and create a healthy life-work balance.
• Adapt: When things happen outside our control, we adapt. We make informed decisions, and we use the 80/20 rule to guide our work.
• Recover: We recover quickly from tough situations and innovate quickly. Done is better than perfect.
• Fun: We create a positive workspace and build strong relationships.

• Fully insured independent fitness professional.
• Passionate about helping the students have fun and improve their health through exercise.
• Compassionate as you watch students do exercises and take the initiative to guide them to correct techniques to minimize injury and improve fitness.
• Energetic as you demonstrate how to carry out various exercises and routines.
• Take the initiative to improve your programs for your students.
• Hardworking and willing to support your peers by sharing ideas for classes and covering classes when there is a change in schedule.

A Day in the Life of an Instructor
• You plan and choreograph your own classes. You are confident and creative as you choose music that is appropriate for the exercise class and create a routine that is fun.
• Monitor clients’ progress and adapt programs as needed.
• Put away all equipment you used so the next instructor starts with a clean slate.
• You arrive on time, 15-20 minutes before class depending on how long it takes you to set up for class.
• Keeping up to date on the latest safety guidelines.

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