Chemsex Support and Outreach Coordinator for Cis or Trans gbMSM


We encourage people living with HIV or hepatitis C to apply for this position as well as the queer, trans, black, Indigenous & people of colour communities.

AIDS Community Care Montreal (ACCM) is looking for a Chemsex Support and Outreach Coordinator for cis or trans gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (gbMSM) to join our team! In a brand-new collaboration between ACCM and RÉZO, we are developing an array of new support services around chemsex, opioid overdose prevention and PnP from the framework of harm reduction. In close collaboration with ACCM’s KONTAK program, the project will offer support to the chemsex community through workshops, support groups, one-on-one peer support and counselling for those using drugs for chemsex (PnP). The project team will be available to talk about HIV and STBBI testing, drug use, chemsex, access to health care, risk, mental health, and
the maintenance of a healthy sex life. Additionally, we offer a harm-reduction based distribution
service for cis and trans gbMSM in Montreal, delivering safer sex supplies, toys, and safer
drug-use materials. Our ultimate goal is to equip cis and trans gbMSM with knowledge, competencies, and materials to proactively manage their drug use, reduce the risk of STBBI transmission, and prevent overdoses.

The Chemsex Support and Outreach Coordinator will:
– Outreach to the cis and trans gbMSM communities that engage in chemsex, to promote
the project and create meaningful relationships that will encourage folks to participate in the
project. We are looking to connect with the Latinx community in particular.
– Consult with project participants to develop a by-and-for workshop series for cis and trans
gbMSM wanting to talk about drug use, sex, and/or partying through support groups.
Co-facilitate the workshop series developed that will include modules on chemsex, opioid
overdose prevention, safer drug, and sex strategies all through the lens of harm reduction.
You and your co-facilitator(s) will support and build the capacity of project participants so
that many elements of the series will be peer-led. This workshop series will be given in
French, English & Spanish, according to the community’s needs.
– Provide one-on-one support counseling to project participants and continue to follow up
with them throughout and after the workshop series.
– Participate in the development of a peer-developed overdose prevention campaign to be
disseminated in French, English, and Spanish.
– Be present for weekly drop-in groups which may have themed topics or simply be a space
for participants to hang out and find community.
– Engage with community partners and businesses to provide a presence at sex parties,
bars, clubs, and other gbMSM spaces where men hang out and cruise, including online
hookup apps and social media.
– Be available to support ACCM’s other gbMSM chemsex program, KONTAK, as needed.
– Recruit, train, and support volunteers and peers, who will be able to help in the project’s

Our ideal candidate:
– Has strong ties with the cis and trans gbMSM and chemsex community and comfortable
going to gbMSM sexualized spaces, including saunas, sex parties, as well as the bars in
the Village.
– Has strong ties to the Latinx cis and trans gbMSM communities of Montreal.
– Has demonstrated experience in counselling and intervention; one-on-one support, groups
support, and workshop facilitation. Experience in building the capacity of peer leaders is an
– Has a fervent belief in harm reduction, and a proven history of practicing harm
reduction-based interventions.
– Is knowledgeable about sexual health, including fundamental knowledge of HIV, hepatitis C,
STBBIs, ACCM, Montreal’s queer and trans communities, drug use, and the social drivers
of health.
– Is knowledgeable about safer drug-use and harm reduction strategies.
– Comfortable with engaging and working with people who have a variety of drug use habits.
Personal past experience using drugs is an asset.
– Works collaboratively with diverse groups of people and with our alliance partner, RÉZO.
– You believe in ACCM’s mission and values, our program approaches, and will act as an
ambassador for ACCM and RÉZO with our partners and external committees.
– Fully fluent (written and spoken) in English, and fully conversationally fluent in Spanish or
French for intervention work, workshop facilitation is a strong asset.
– May be required to work evenings or weekends to accommodate the schedule of project
– Performs all other related tasks related to the nature of the position.

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to Please also provide 2

We look forward to hearing from you by Monday, May 3rd, 2021 at 10AM. Only successfully screened applicants will be contacted for an interview. This position is at 32 hours a week and pays $19 per hour.

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