B2B sales. Work from home


Anyone looking to make some money at home and help out local businesses/trades?
See this time of year, the home and garden shows are usually on and most trades gets a lot of their leads and work from these homeshows/ehibitor shows etc but they have all been canceled and puts at risk some of these businesses such as roofers, landscapers, fence and deck contractors, pool installers, foundation repairs, hvac and so on and so on
I’ll be launching an online home show / exhibitor show starting with home, landscape and garden! And move on to other awesome shows that we will be missing. (Boat, women’s show, pet show etc)
It’s basically an easy to search and well categorized “yellow pages” but with a 2-3 minute video from the owner, sales team, workers etc to pitch their product and or services.
The great benefit for the customers, just like home shows, they get to see how the owner, sales tea, workers look like. Get as much details as possible on their product/service and can easily book an in home estimate or purchase whatever it is directly from their website.
Customers will get a good or bad first impression and can also see all the different level of companies out there from big corporations to family owned businesses.
We don’t want to launch with just a dozen of trades, we would like a great variety to keep the customers online with us. We have list of businesses always in the exhibitor shows year after year, those shows do cost alot of money, time, energy and man power. We have lists of them and are ready to be called The feedback we are getting is astonishing! Businesses are jumping in most without second thought because its a great cost effective way to gain leads for their businesses. A simple sales call,nothing pushy, ya really don’t have to be when offering them leads this year and It’s really not expensive for them and some packages offer free video and editing to get started.
Earn $90-$180 per sale. If interested please send email to: themayer1977@gmail.com