Amateur Antenna Work Required – See Text –


Looking for a knowledgeable person, male or female, to do some small roof antenna work on my home’s rooftop. Easy access, ladder secured is furnished.

The works involved, consists of changing the ( furnished new cable) rotor cable from Radio Room to the top of the side tower, where sits a multiband HF Yagi.

Also required, to check the yagi’s condition , in case of cable replacement, ( we will supply parts) for a replacement coax cable. Verify Standing Wave ( Pro-269 Meter) furnished. Make sure this antenna is fully operational to Mosley TA-33JR Specs.

This works is for an experienced roof top climber, and not the faint of heart.
If you have a body harness, the chances of we hire are better..

The work is paid in cash at $45 dollars an hour, maximum of 6 hours to complete all.
If work is complete before the allocated time, the work can include verification and winterizing of roof top equipment, control box and wire fittings.

Contact VE3 QUE ( Gerry ) with your work expertise to be considered.
Work to commence in week of Oct 12th. if possible of any time before is OK!

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