Field Aerial Technicians/Riggers


BenTel Communications is hiring Field Aerial Technicians/Riggers for Full-Time Permanent positions, to install and maintain wireless communications equipment in Ontario and Manitoba. APPLICANTS MUST HAVE: 1. Minimum 3-5 years experience in wireless telecommunications field. 2. High School Completion 3. Ability to climb heights of 350 feet. 4. Experience with testing equipment such as In-Line Dynometers and OTDR. 5. Willingness to travel. 6. Climbing/Rescue training and basic first aid training is an asset. DUTIES: 1. Climb and work on poles, towers, ladders or other support structures up to 350 ft. 2. Remove, Install and repair aerial telecommunication transmission and distribution antenna, equipment and associated hardware. 3. Remove, Install and repair various types and sizes of telecommunication cables and lines, including fibre optic, coaxial and DC Power. 4. Inspect and test telecommunication transmission lines and cables for transmission characteristics and locate faults using instruments including but not limited to In-Line Dynometers. 5. Analyze and record test results and prepare site acceptance documentation. Hourly wage will be between $19 – $28 depending on experience. Only applicants with the above qualifications will be contacted.