Electrical engineering grad looking for full time


Hi. I recently graduated from Electrical Engineering, and also have a diploma in Electronics Engineering Technology. I have been looking for and applying to full time positions on indeed, linkedin, and glassdoor. I’m fairly computer proficient and I’m currently brushing up on Python, looking towards getting my CCNA, and also picking up a hobby in 3dprinting (can finally put my 3d design skills to use). I am looking for something serious, but I’ve always wanted to start my own business, I’m just not exactly sure what in. I would even like to start making my own videos but it needs to be about something interesting, and something I’m involved in.

I think I would do well in a lot of positions, but the bar always seems so high with wanting work experience. I’ve been studying very seriously for 7 years and in many ways it IS experience, it’s just not specialized. I would love the opportunity to work on something completely new with people in similar positions to myself.

Hopefully this reaches the right person. Thanks for reading.