Promotional job


Currently looking for a person capable of promoting any product in order to generate sales.

My success will depend on how successful you are at performing a job. You must first know yourself and what you can do, because this is the kind of job that can only know limitations due to you. Otherwise it has no limits in how much it can offer, this job. You will need more than “will” alone to be able to succeed here, so true skill for said work field is necessary, very necessary.

You will be working face to face with a lot of people, so you will be tested to see if you have the skills necessary for this, before anything gets started. Experience and knowledge in any related domain revolving around such work can be helpful, although it is nothing to compare to raw talent in the long run. Also take note that in the future, depending on progress, you may be required to travel to different cities, so being reliable and autonomous is a must. This is the kind of job that someone must want to do because in order to succeed, your motivation must come from within.

Once you have proven that you are indeed capable of doing the job, successfully so, we will then look into how you will be paid for this. The product has a price in itself, and the more the price rises for your commission per unit, the less accessible it will feel to potential customers. The goal here is volume, so you will need to find ways to achieve that, and by doing so, you will earn more as well. Visibility of the product is very important. We will not be breaking laws and stuff, so make sure you are a responsible individual that can come up with sound ideas to achieve said work. Just to be clear, this isn’t “paid training”, you must already know what you are doing, or you will, with 100% certainty, fail said test to get the job. What I am doing matters to me, so it should also prove to be the case in the person choosing to work for me. Proven with results.

You must excel at communicating in English, for others to understand what you are trying to convey to them. Furthermore, appearance does matter to other people, so considering your personal style of appearance for making a successful approach towards another human being, this will need to be something that is working with you, not against you. There are a lot of different people out there and a lot of different ways a person can truly make a lasting impact on them. Some people are just more remarkable than others at doing so, and that is what I am looking for.

Let’s see how good “your way” is.