Gig Offer: Find me clients, get 25% fair and square


Offering a very part-time gig for anyone interested in guerrilla marketing & lead generation. Essentially, I’ve been experimenting with offering my services as a freelancer for many years now, allowing me to get into all sorts of fields and domains. I currently work full time a data-scientist/developer, but still find a lot of joy in getting some freelance work done after I finish off with work hours.

I am looking for someone to post online for me and find me clients for my services. I am extremely picky, so finding me a lead doesn’t guarantee that they’ll convert, or that I’ll even sign them on. I expect this to take up maximum 30-45 mins of your day, and on average just 5-10 minutes just checking email and forwarding me potential leads.

I’ve offered my services in: -Programming Lessons / Tutoring -Graphic Design Work & Tutoring -Website & Software Development / Consulting -SEO / SEM, CRM Management, Organizing Drip Campaigns, email surveys (aka everything and anything super startupy) -Video Editing / Photo Editing / Photography -Professional Ghost/Copywriting, Editing, Business Writing (resumes, cvs, etc) -Tennis & Fitness Lessons -Music Production.. -and so on…

You get the point, I don’t really sit in one place, haha. Although each gig is fun in its own manner, this summer I’ll be more focused on the gigs that bring higher margins / have a higher social utility (in my humble opinion).

With that in mind, I’m booking more and more programming lessons these days, so it really seems like programming is emerging as the main-gig for the summer. I have some ideas regarding organizing group lessons, potentially hosting code & coffee events, hackathons, etc. If these projects begin to take off, they can all grow from one another.

I’m looking for someone who is good with the computer, good with emailing, and most importantly, good at coming up with novel ideas! If you find after chatting to me that some of my ideas are linked in ways that I do not yet see, that would be a prime opportunity for you to shine! Payment pretty much goes like: for every $1 I make, $0.25 goes automatically to you if the client/project can be attributed to you.

Hit me up for details!