Let’s be honest.
You are searching for a career change but don’t know where to start? Are you applying online for a job position but have not received any response back?
Did you complete a truck dispatcher course without receiving the actual hands-on software program training?

What are the challenges one will face when trying to enter the logistics industry as a truck dispatcher or a freight broker?
The #1 challenge one will face while applying for these job positions is that the company will not select your resume if you do not have the minimum verified experience. This will create a roadblock for the person who has not worked in the logistics field. An employer would rather hire a candidate with 3 months of experience over a candidate with none.

So, how do you gain experience without getting selected for the position?

You can gain experience for these positions by enrolling yourself with an institution that offers truck dispatcher or freight broker courses. But be aware that not every institution can offer you hands-on practical training, or even job assistance.

What makes us different from others?

We believe that one can succeed if trained properly according to industry standards. This requires:
– in-depth learning of the logistics industry
– learning from the instructors that are currently involved in the logistics industry
– real hands-on training with the logistics industry approved software programs
– conducting mock interviews to prepare for your interview with an employer
– providing you with the tools to grow your network/skills so you can get hired!

Logistics Education & Training is a one-stop-shop for all your logistics needs. We provide and specialize in Logistics Education, Software program training, Authorities & permits, Safety & Compliance, Employment jobs, 1on1 Coaching, Equipment sale and financing, Freight brokerage services.

Are you looking to become a truck dispatcher or a freight broker?

This course will introduce the roles and responsibilities of a truck dispatcher, equipping you with the knowledge and skills the position requires. Through hands-on training from professionals in the field, you’ll learn industry-standard logistics software programs and receive step-by-step instructions of the entire transport process from start to finish. You’ll also work with real order confirmations, customs paperwork, customer invoices, driver payroll statements, shipment paperwork, and customer contracts. Each student receives a computer inside the classroom for in-depth, practical training.

This course will help you become a successful truck dispatcher for a trucking company. It will equip you with the understanding of logistics as a concept, and guide you through the comprehensive process of dispatching. You’ll learn about the roles and responsibilities of individuals and companies who produce and buy products; and various types of products, manufacturers, consignees, pricing, pickup/delivery and loading/unloading services, routes, and transport equipment. You’ll become well-versed in SOP communications, the rules and regulations of the U.S./Canadian Departments of Transportation, various laws applying to weight limits, legal requirements for hauling products, and payment terminology. You’ll learn the ins and outs of driver, order, customer and paperwork management. You’ll receive tutorials on booking loads with a customer, reading order confirmations, clearing customers, preparing electronic manifests, finding and setting up new customers, invoicing and collecting funds from customers, and starting and closing an order in the system. Finally, you’ll train on industry software about transportation management, custom manifest, and freight-finding.

The duration of this in-class course is roughly 3 weeks in the classroom/online, but we do offer unlimited classes so that the student doesn’t feel pressured. The duration of the co-op placement is two weeks, unpaid. The co-op will create an opportunity for the student to apply for an interview within the trucking company and gain real-life exposure to this position. Most of our students are successful in gaining employment with the company where they were placed.
Additionally, will train you on interviewing and communication skills.

Logistics Education & Training is the only institution providing in-depth practical training and job placements.

Flexible schedules are available so you can learn and complete the course at your own pace.

You can reach us at our 24/7 hotline (647) 248 0071 or send us an email to
Please ask for our information package today.
Logistics Education & Training
When you’re beginning your career, or when you’re ready to advance to the next level, you look to the top talent in your field. Leading professionals make their impact by expertly applying the tools they have and wielding them for success. That’s how we approach our education and training services for the logistics industry at L.E.T. Our founder and instructors have already chartered the route to success, and they’re here to show you the way. 

L.E.T. has a singular priority: to ensure your success in the logistics industry, whether you’re just starting out, or you’re deepening your knowledge. Our courses will introduce you to the field, train you on advanced logistics software, and provide you with a comprehensive overview of the rules and regulations of non-asset-based and asset-based companies. We also provide education on how to efficiently run or open a new trucking or freight brokerage company so that you can become your own boss, if that’s where your career path is headed. Driven to ensure you succeed, we provide unlimited training until you’ve learned the syllabus and are comfortable with the software. 

Our instructors are masters of their trade who work actively in the field. They apply real-life scenarios to hands-on, practical training inside the classroom so that you’re fully equipped with the tools you’ll need. With a foundation of experience and know-how, L.E.T. fast-tracks your studies so that, upon receiving your certificate, you land a job as any one of the following: 

●     Logistics Coordinator

●     Truck Dispatcher

●     Freight Broker

●     Shipping Coordinator

●     Traffic Coordinator

●     Customer Service Representative

●     And many more logistics industry-related positions.

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