Skilled Interlock Installer ISO Sunday work


7 years experience hardscape. 28 Year old male.
Experience cutting anything from slots, straight cuts, sailor course border curves, radius’s and pretty much anything else. (Preferably with Stihl or Hilti). I won’t use huskvarna.
With 2 labourers feeding me stone I can easily lay 500-1000 sq ft in day free pattern. Also able to grade smaller patios, walkways and landings at a 2% slope. Not as much experience with that though so it takes more time. Also not as experienced in wet lay, grouting and retaining walls. I can definitely do retaining walls though.
Also able to hand excavate big jobs by myself if square shovel, spade, wheelbarrow and pick are supplied.
25 an hour or piece work, your choice.
If you want a motivated guy who is polite and well mannered who works his ass off and can help you push on Sunday give me a shout. I work doing installs and selling contracts jam packed during the week so I definitely cannot work full time.

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