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Most foreign workers in Canada struggle to find a job under NOC A/B that will help them apply for permanent residence. Some may even need an LMIA or PNP support from an employer, making it even more difficult.

What are the main reasons why temporary foreign workers cannot get a job under NOC A/B?
1. Lack of Canadian experience
2. Lack of Canadian employer reference
3. Limited preferences and parameters
4. Huge competition with the job title you are applying for

What is our service to help you? We have a program called JOB GUARANTEED. We help candidates find employment by improving their resume and presenting it to employers.

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1. Administrative positions
2. Supervisor positions
3. Cook
4. Technician
5. Other positions under NOC A/B

1. Temporary Resident Visa/ Visitor Visa
2. Visitor Permit
3. Study Permit
4. Study Permit Extension
5. Work Permit from outside Canada
6. Work Permit Extension
7. Post graduation work permit
8. Open work permit for spouse or common law partner of an international student or foreign worker from outside Canada
9. Open work permit for spouse or common law partner of an international student or foreign worker from inside Canada
10. Restoration of status as a visitor, student or worker

Permanent Residence – Family Sponsorship
1. Spouse, common law, child, parent, grandparent sponsorship
2. Lonely Family member sponsorship
Permanent Residence –Economic Class
1. Express Entry
2. Provincial Nominee Program
Permanent Residence– Humanitarian and Compassionate
1. Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C)
Labour Market Impact Assessment
Labour Market Impact Assessment

1. Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP)
2. Employment search for inside Canada applicants
3. Statutory Declaration

CONSULTATION with any visa and immigration case.

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