Hiring a Roof Repair Technician and a Helper (Team of 2)


We are looking to hire a team of 2 for our service side in our Roofing Company. One of the team members will be a Lead Service Technician while the other will be a helper to the lead.

The job description is as follows:

• Be available to work with a 24-hour notice
• Be available to work for up to 6 days a week.
• Wear company shirt at all times.
• Wear all safety gear required and practice safe work.
• Clean Presentation. Excellent communication.
• Arrive at assigned sites and inform the client of your arrival by
ringing the doorbell or calling the client.
• Perform assigned service as outlined in your appointment.
• Take before and after photos of all services rendered
• Record before and after videos (as discussed)
• Perform a courtesy inspection for any other signs of concern.
• Record personal hours to cross check with the payroll
• Inform the client of your departure.
• Get the client to sign a completion form.
• Ask the client if you can place a lawn sign after work is
• Be Pro-active and Maintain inventory levels in advance.
• Keep all receipts of any material and gas that had to be
purchased in order to be reimbursed. Expenses with no receipts
will NOT be reimbursed.
• You are expected to work on all structures. 2-Story and 3-Story
Homes, Townhouses, Commercial property, or any other
structure deemed by your manager.
• Maintain a clean vehicle by cleaning the inside, organizing
inventory/tools and washing the exterior at the end of every day.
• Employee is responsible for any penalties and fines incurred due
to personal negligence.

The job duties are as follows:

• Sales
• Leak Inspections
• Attic Inspections
• Attic Insulation services
• Roof Inspections
• Roof Repair
• Emergency Repairs
• Small shingle replacement (less than 40 bundles)
• Plywood Replacement
• Tarping a roof
• Metal/flashing services
• Caulking services
• Replacing vents
• Eavestrough repairs
• Eavestrough Cleaning
• Down-pipe extension
• Down-pipe Installation
• Other services as deemed by your manager

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