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Hello everyone,
I am a Certified Home Renovation & Carpentry Technician, I live in Mississauga and my dream is to become a man of many trades.

I offer the following services as of 2021/08/29:
-Custom Wood Working (Desks/Tables/Shelves/etc)
-Handyman Service (In my area of expertise)
-Outdoor Projects (No matter the size)
-Delivery Service (6 ft truck bed size)

My Instagram is “SC.WoodWorking” for whoever would like to see some of my work. I update it weekly unless I’m doing a bigger job.

A thing about me is that I love perfect so I will try my very best to produce you guys with the best quality work for whichever job you have me do.
I am continuously trying to grow my self-employed business and will accept a good majority of the jobs you guys need done.

Message me on Kijiji and we can go from there ­čśÇ

Thanks for checking me out!
-Stefan Chaban.

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