Cleaner for Business/Office -$15/hr


Cleaning small office
Duties include:
– Lysol chairs & Tables
– Clear and clean whiteboard
– Dust the monitors and consoles
– Clear the trash
– Remove any used dishes
– Leave chairs in organized fashion
– Dust the bookshelf
– Dust the white empty square shelves
– Clean the cupboards to remove any dirt, stains or dust (do not to remove items – work around them)
– Lysol all countertops
– Remove clean mugs/plates and bowls from dishwasher. Put mugs out in the hall countertop near the kettle. The plates and bowls belong inside cabinet above sink.
(Leave other items, including Tupperware, inside)
– Clean Microwave inside and the dust outside
– Clean the fridge inside (all the shelves and the door pockets too)
– Broom+Mop+Vac floors
– Clean offices
– Clean bathrooms
Tuesday: 3hrs (flexible shift)
Thursday: 3hrs (flexible shift)
Sunday: 3hrs (flexible shift)
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