1 week free classes & placement help – QA/BA/SQL/ UFT/Selenium


One week free classes and placement help – QA / BA / Adv QTP / UFT / Selenium / Appium Mobile Automation / SQL / SOAP UI / API / Webservices / JMeter / LoadRunner / Performance Testing / Project Training

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Course high lights:
* Recorded videos + Live classes
* Freelance Testing live Projects
* 24x 7 Lab Access
* Practical training
* Real Time Examples
* Subject discussion with real interview questions
* Resume Preparation
* Interview Preparation
* Mock Interviews
* Placement Assistance
* Repeat the course free of charge

About the trainer:

* Conducted 300+ batches for QA, Advanced QTP, QC Admin, BA, Appium, SOAP UI Selenium and PMP

* 20 years experience in Software industry

* Project Management Professional (PMP) by PMI
* ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) certification
* Certified Software Test Engineer (CSTE) by QAI
* QTP Certified Product Consultant by HP (Mercury)
* Software Quality Management from IISC (Bangalore)
* Project Management and Communication from IISC (Bangalore)
* Trained on Six Sigma green belt

Course content

Manual testing

• Project management and roles
• Test management and roles
• Test life cycle
• Defect life cycle
• Auditing, reviews, walkthroughs
• Test Standards
• Test Environment / Test Bed
• Test Strategy
• Test Planning
• Test Cases
• Test Scripts
• Test Procedure
• Test Tactics
• Types of testing
• Positive testing
• Negative testing
• Regression testing
• Integration testing
• System testing
• User acceptance testing
• Performance testing
• Volume testing
• Load testing
• Stress testing
• Security testing
• Black box testing
• Test efficiency
• Test effectiveness

• Test effort estimation
• Test data
• Test execution
• Test logs
• Test reports
• Test Metrics
• Test coverage
• Traceability matrix
• Defect management
• Severity vs. Priority
• Defect status
• Manual test tools
• Six Sigma

Testing tools:


• Create story
• Create defects
• Dashboard
• Reports generation
• Burndown chart creation

Quality Center (QC)

• Test Director/ Quality center fundamentals
• TD vs. Quality center
• Test plan tab
• Test lab tab
• Requirements tab
• Defects tab
• Running tests from test lab
• Defect reporting
• Reports and Graphs generation
• Traceability matrix generation
• Linking of defects

Quick Test Professional (QTP)

• Introduction to automation
• Types of tools available in market and market share
• Return on investment
• Introduction to QTP
• Record and playback
• Object repository
• Parameterization
• Checkpoints, types of check points
• Reporting results
• Reusable actions
• Calling functions from library / framework
• Reading input data from external files
• Exporting data from data tables
• Writing data to external files
• Recovery scenarios / exception handling
• QTP connection with Quality center
• QTP scripts storing and running from TD
• Descriptive Programming


• LoadRunner fundamentals
• LoadRunner architecture
• Sample loadrunner scripts creation
• Running loadrunner scripts
• Results analysis

Unix and SQL commands

• Unix access and basic commands
• Toad installation and SQL basic queries

Additional help

• Resume Preparation
• Interview Tips & FAQs
• Mock Interviews
• Client interview arrangement

Advanced QTP syllabus:

1. Recovery scenarios (Exception handling)
2. Descriptive programing
3. Loops
4. Arrays, Split function, Join function
5. String functions (Instr, strComp)
6. Integration of QTP and QC
7. Highlight the object in application
8. Reporter.Report Event
9. Excel files opening and closing through code
10. Results writing in excel file
11. FSO operations
12. GetROProperty
13. Wait vs Synchronization
14. SetNextRow method
15. GetCurrentRow method
16. Regular expressions
17. Random Number
18. Debug viewer usage
19. Breakpoints usage
20. Calling of actions
21. Switching over different licenses
22. Run time settings though code
23. Global (Shared) / Local Repository
24. OR manager
25. Save movies to QTP results file
26. DataBase testing
27. Timer, Start Transaction and End transaction
28. ExitRun and Exit loops
29. SystemUtil.Run
30. Pass parameters from QC to QTP script
31. Environment variables
32. Reusable functions
33. Import Sheet and Export sheet
34. Smart identification
35. Ordinal identifier
36. Left and Right functions
37. Types of parameters in QTP
38. QTP scripts execution through Windows scheduler
39. Batch runs
40. QTP test cases executions report from QC
41. Convertion of manual test cases to QTP test cases
42. Object Spy
43. Function vs Sub
44. BPT introduction
45. XML checkpoint and XML operations
46. Types of frame works
47. Coding standards and naming standards
48. Folder structure in QC
49. Generation of QTP test cases reports through QC
50. GetCellData from a WebTable
51. Len property
52. Trim
53. Now
54. Option explicit
55. QTP library file extension types ex: .vbs, .txt, .qfl
56. GetRowCount
57. Cint
58. Logical operators AND, OR, <>
59. Database checkpoint disadvantages

BA Training

1. Introduction To Business Analyst

Who is Business Analyst [BA]
One day as BA
Skills of BA
Who can be good BA

2. Software Development Life Cycle

Why we need SDLC
Waterfall Model
iterative and incremental models
RUP model
RAD and Agile Model
Comparison between RUP and Waterfall model
Artifacts delivered at each phase of RUP

3. Project Kickoff

Software projects
Project Kickoff
Identifying the purpose and scope of the project
Identifying the project stakeholders

4. Use cases

What is use case
Characteristics of Use case
Benefits of Use cases
Business Use case [BUCs] and System/Application use cases [AUCs]
Business Use cases cont…
Identifying Business Use cases
Documenting the business Use cases
Objectives of the class
Business Use cases cont…
Analyzing the each BUCs
Documenting the BUCs
Activity diagram

7. System Use Cases

System Use Cases
Identify the Actors
Role map diagram

8. System Use Cases cont…

Identifying the system use case package
Use case package diagram
Identifying the system use cases
System use case diagram

9. System use cases cont…

System use case package diagram
System use case package
Identifying the system use case packages
What is the system use case package diagram
Advantage of drawing system use case package diagram

10. State diagram

State Diagram
Dynamic Analysis Versus Static Analysis
State diagram

11. JAD Session

What is JAD session.
Benefits of JAD session
Participants of JAD session
Agenda for the JAD session
Conclusion of JAD Session

12. Requirements Change Management

Requirements Change Management
Reason for the requirement change
Baseline the Requirements
Setup standard procedure to perform the change request
Perform the change request

13. Non-functional Requirements

What is non-functional requirements
Examples of the non-functional requirements
Non-functional Requirements
Examples of Non-functional requirements

i. Availability
ii. Security
iii. Scalability
iv. Audit and control
v. Logging
vi. Certification
vii. Usability
viii. Maintainability
ix. Performance/Response

Selenium and Mobile Automation

Selenium Basics
What is automation testing?
Introduction to Selenium
Selenium Variants
Supported Platforms (Browsers, Programming Languages, Operating Systems)
How Selenium Works?
Comparison between Selenium and QTP

Java Basics
Overview of Object Oriented Concepts
Classes, Objects, Constructors and methods
Method Overloading
Method Overriding
Access Modifiers
Looping and Conditions

Selenium IDE
Setting up Selenium IDE
IDE in detail – Features and Components
Record and Playback in IDE
Editing Scripts in Selenium IDE
Running a Test Script
Selenium Commands

Common Selenium Commands in Detail
Open and Click Commands
Verification Commands
Locator Elements
Wait Commands
Storing Variables and Store Commands

Frameworks with Selenium – Junit/TestNG/
Supported Automation Frameworks
Setting up Eclipse
JUnit Vs TestNG
Executing Selenium Scripts using JUnit and Test NG
Sequential and Parallel Execution
Storing Results
Why Webdriver?
How Webdriver works?
Difference between Selenium RC and Webdriver
Setting up webdriver
Creating scripts using Webdriver
Playing with UI objects using Webdriver, handling Frames, Alerts
Cross browser testing using Webdriver
Advanced WebDriver – Multiple browsers, Browser profiles, Screenshots etc.
Using Page Objects in WebDriver
GitHub with Eclipse
Prioritising Test Cases

Page Object Modelling(POM)
What, Why and How
Page Factory
Advantages of POM
How to Implement POM

Advanced Topics in Selenium
Using Property files in Selenium
Maven with Selenium
Jenkins with Selenium

Automation Frameworks
Data Driven Framework
Keyword Driven Framework

SQL course

1. Intro to databases
2. What are databases?
3. What are RDBMS?
4. What is SQL
5. Data Types in SQL
6. Referential Integrity – primary key, foreign key
7.Writing SQL Queries
8. Creating databases, inserting, deleting data into tables
9. SQL queries with conditions
10. SQL Joins
11. How to include SQL into testing.

Lab includes installing SQL Server Express 2014 and practice exercises as homework every day.

For next batch start date, sample videos and more details please call Madhu at 416 275 9840 or or visit


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