Creative Sweets and Treats Sales Reps

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Creative Sweets and Treats Sales Reps

Do you like sweet treats…love chocolate new and exciting flavours that have not been sold before and also like many money on your free time and eating free treats for just being part of our sales team then we want you to belong to our family. What we do is spent all day everyday making amazing bite size fudge with well over 150 flavors, cookies that people have never heard of and all new and bars from all over the world. I was a world traveller and know make treats and sweets to cater to all the lovely cultures. We are in our just year and our sales are getting very high and we would love to have a couple new team member that would like to sell on there time with no pressure, there is no up front cash and is all based on cash sales as well help and guide you the whole way to make you benefit in anyway you can, We would like our reps to please use there creative mind, energy to sell on there own time around there schedule. We don’t want to take away from your busy schedule we just want to add to your free time . We are a small family business that will support and guide and help all our reps to sell as much as possible and make as much as possible…so please let talk massage Mandy and lets sell some sweets 🙂 All sales on individuals, packages and gift boxes are your choice to sell as 30 % off all sales is cash you keep…plus sweets and treats to always try :)win

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