Volunteer Part-Time Assistant/Volunteer Coop Position


Job Descriptions – This is a volunteer part-time position for assisting in administrative tasks in an office environment. – If you are a student looking for more experience or learning opportunities, this position is perfect for you. – You will earn valuable experience in performing research, create and edit presentation and documentations, contact partners and clients, assist in seminars, assist in promotions and etc. – Flexible work hours. Recommended 15 hours a week. – If you are seeking for a volunteer coop full-time position, we can also accommodate to complete the proper coop documentations.

Skill Required (Mandatory) – Good oral and written communications skill. Must be fluent in English. – Ability to work independently with little supervisions. – Ability to meet deadlines. – Must be hard working, have strong ethics and integrity.

About the Company

CAPRiser Capital Inc. is a private equity investment company focusing on Biomedical and Real Estate investments. We mainly focus on loan based investments and high potential equity investments. CAPRiser Capital takes a hands-on approach for overseeing investment projects while providing the best return of investment to investors. For more information, please visit our website at www.capriser.com.