Magazine Writer Intern


We are looking for a creative writer living in Canada to generate stories and articles and conduct online interviews with the local businesses, artists, eatery owners, tattoo artists, musicians and other entrepreneurs. We’d also like you to contribute your opinions and strategic criticisms of our magazine, platforms and business executions. We’d also like you to be in control of your own happiness by also suggesting what YOU’D like to write about, rather than be assigned something you don’t want to do. If you have a local business in mind that you’d like to feature, we’d be MORE than happy to assign that business to you!

The requirments of :

* Hand in your assigned stories and articles by the specific deadline
* Make sure your stories and articles are indeed full of facts and truths
* Write all of your pieces in a positive tone, rather than criticizing the subject in any way
* Write all of your pieces to express why that particular business / artist / musician / eatery is an important part of our local / small business landscape and touch on the fact that local business is, indeed, very important.

* Spell check your stories and articles
* Be living in Canada

This is a work-from-home or a work-remotely Intern position! As long as you hand in your stories on time, and hit all of the above points and requirements, we want you to work wherever makes you the happiest and most comfortable!

Please make sure to tell us what your favourite pizza topping is when you apply!

We look forward to hearing from you!