At home sewing


We offer long term sewing contract for covers for contoured cushions If you are interested in a home sewing contractor position please reply to the following : 1) What kind of sewing machine(s) you have? 2) Can you attached a walking foot needle? 3) Do you already have a cutting table? (kitchen table would not be considered) 4) Do you have enough space to store 2 or 3 large size rolls of fabric, 60” wide 5) Do you have enough time to sew 30-40 covers a week? 6) Can you commit to deliver the covers at least once a week? (we are based in Concord – Keele & Langstaff area) without excuses of weather / distance… 7) Do you have a previous experience as a commercial sewing contractor? (short description) 8) Where about do you live? (intersection only)

Please call 289-597-8428 or e-mail