Have you ever wanted to run you own small business? One that takes little work but has large pay outs? The type of small business that lets your money work for you and generates you a passive income?
Then my friend do I have a job for you! Here I have 18 ready to use coin operated vending machines just begging to turn you a massive profit . These small vending machines are easy to use, clean, and can be set up make you some easy cash. Place them in any high traffic area a prepare to watch the money flow in!
The only reason I’ve decided to sell them is my business is taking a turn for the better and these smaller machines have done what I’ve needed them too. Now I’m getting contracted for bigger deals then they can supply.
The machine sells a container holding whatever you chose to put inside it. Based on location I’ve sold candy’s, lighters, plush toys, condoms, rolloing papers! you name it these machines can sell it! The sky is the limit with these and I can’t recommend them enough.
Each container sells for $2 and each machines can hold up to 81 cups! That means if even one machines emptys you made $162 in cold hard cash!
So why wait! Start you’re vending machine empire today and take your first step toward financial freedom
$250 each
Prices are negotiable 😀

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