St. Thomas Babysitter


Thank you so much for checking out my ad!
My name is Mars, and I am a fun and energetic 23 years old woman who just moved to St. Thomas from London.

I am now looking for a full time babysitting/ (live-out) nanny job here! I am available any day of the week for mornings, days, or nights. I am looking for one family to babysit long-term, often and get comfortable with. I have found it is much more comfortable for everyone involved when it is long term, and mostly scheduled out in advance. My home is unavailable for child care as I have roommates, but I can come to your home which may be more comfortable for the children anyways. I unfortunately do not drive but can most likely just bike or walk to your place since St. Thomas is somewhat small. I live somewhat close to the Elgin Centre
I have tons of experience in childcare throughout my life, both for my family, friends, and strangers (who also eventually become friends )
I am the oldest of my 5 full siblings, and also the oldest of my 7 step siblings lol! I have a huge extended family aswell and raised many… many children lol! I even ran a small at home daycare for a while too!
I am a certified first responder, and I also completed a police foundations duel credit from Fanshawe College (and can provide you with photos of both certifications if asked). I have no criminal record, and I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs either. I’m pretty quiet and introverted, honestly! I think that is why I gravitate towards animals and children when it comes to my work.
I love to provide consistant fun activities based off of your childs interests, aswell as introducing them to new and exciting things! I love being outdoors, but also love being indoors aswell. Games, art, baking/ cooking, movies, video games, working out, dancing, and learning are some examples of what I love to do with the youngin’s!

If you have any questions about me I would love to hear from you and we can work out the details based on your specific situation!
Thank you so much and have a great day! ♡♡

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