Senior Home/ PSW/UCP


Job description
1 . Administers drugs and treatments according to procedure, and care

2. Recognizes safety hazards and takes appropriate action. Adheres to
established residence policies and procedures including safety rules and
safe working practices.

3. Supports and actively participates in unit orientation and in-service

4. Participation in learning needs assessment.

5. Assists the DOC to evaluate the performance of the Attendants
supervised by him/her and assists with appropriate documentation. Keeps
the DOC informed of any staff member

Working Conditions

1. Prolonged standing and walking.

2. Exposure to Resident elements through regular Resident contact.

3. Stress resulting from dealing with Resident care needs and pressures.

4. Considerable concentration required during preparation and
administration of medications.

Physical Requirements

1. Lifting alone, maximum 50 lbs. (5-25 lbs. Usual);

2. Lifting with assistance, maximum 160 lbs. (100-125 lbs. Usual)as a
minor job function.

3. Pushing/pulling, using wheeled equipment such as carts, trolleys
wheelchairs. (20-50 lbs. Usual) as a minor activity.

4. Walking, with possibility of some upstairs walking, as a major job

5. Standing, for lengths of time, up to four hours maximum. (1-3 hours
usual) as a major job function.

6. Bending/stooping on a regular frequency as a major job function.

7. Crouching/Kneeling for short periods of time as a minor job function.

8. Carries and transports objects of various sizes, to a maximum of 25
lbs. (5-15 lbs usual) as a minor job function.

9. Must have visual and hearing acuity to recognize the need of
assistance required by residents

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: From $15:30 per hour

COVID-19 considerations:
All Staff are required to wear masks and have 2 doses of covid Vaccine

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