Searching for RELIABLE Jack-of-all-Trades Help ($20/hr CASH)


I’m searching for a RELIABLE individual who can help with work around my property in North London. I’m looking for help with landscaping, yardwork, cleaning and staining deck and gazebo, stonework, pressure washing, concrete footings etc..

There are many jobs and likely several days of work, though not all at once. This is perfect for someone free on the weekends or afternoons /evenings.

I am looking for someone who:
– has a working phone
– will work when you say you’ll work
– works hard
– is knowledgeable and has experience with different types of landscaping / outdoor work

$20 an hour cash is the compensation.

Please send me a description of your experience, and when you can work. I won’t respond to “I’m interested” or other replies that don’t address your experience. Addressing my requirements will make your application stand out.

If you are looking for something starting tomorrow, this is not the job for you. This is work that will stretch over the summer but is not steady. The work is outdoors for the most part.

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