Nanny needed full time at our house


We are looking for a full-time, permanent nanny for our infant son and three and a half year old special needs daughter.
Monday to Friday 10am-6pm. Could negotiate the hours a little if needed. $3000 a month salary gross (not under the table). Starting immediately. Paid training with mother in the house until you are comfortable.
Mostly, you would be in the house caring for the kids inside. However, you can take them for a walk once a day and/or go in the yard. Once it is safe again, you can take them to drop in playgroups, the library, and anything else they would like. You should have a driver’s license.
Daughter will probably not start school this year due to Covid-19, but when she does, we may need pick-up after school, and you will still be needed all day for the younger child. In a few years we may have another baby, so your continued services will be needed.
Son is healthy and formula-fed.
Daughter needs help with her play skills and language skills. We need you to play educational games with her. She has a feeding tube and wears diapers. She has several diagnoses including global developmental delay. A very sweet, happy, affectionate girl. She is big for her age, and strong, and because she cannot understand if you try to explain things to her, she gets frustrated sometimes when you try to take care of her, so the right person needs patience and the ability to not get mad.
We want someone who does not have any other job or go to school due to Covid-19 and her underlying health conditions.
Being precise when it comes to the feeding schedule and other medical issues is important, so we are looking for someone who is intelligent and pays attention to details.
Although not required, a background in ECE or something similar would be nice. It takes some practice or training to get to know the strategies used by professionals such as speech language pathology. A background in caring for special needs people or working for hospital/PSW would also be nice.
However, experience is not necessarily required. If you think you would be able to do the job well, we want to hear from you!