Lead Generators-Appointment-Setters - $15-20 hourly – F/P Time


The concept is simple; – call pre-qualified business owners or managers, tell them a little bit about our product or service, then ask if SOMEONE ELSE could contact them to provide ADDITIONAL information or stop in to see them! In most cases, you will even know WHO to ask for when you call.

A few reasons why you might like this job!

  • It’s home-based – please have a quiet place to work and an internet connection, then you’re good to go!
  • The hours are lovely – normal business hours, weekdays only, with evening potential for our BC clients!
  • We train and support you – got a question, – we have an answer, or we will find one if necessary!
  • We’re flexible – want to work part-time? …full-time? The answer is “yes” either way!
  • We pay $15.00 to $20.00 hourly on contract to start; – benefits offered to some!
  • We don’t sell ANYTHING, and we don’t call RESIDENTIAL, only businesses!

What you need to have to be successful with this job!

  • a great telephone demeanor, reasonable communications skills and a positive personality is a must!!
  • a sense of humour is handy, as humour invites great conversations which lead to great results!
  • a self-starter with the ability to remain motivated and proactive; – you ARE working alone!
  • please be coachable; – we always invite your ideas, but we also know what works!

Our customers are ALL involved in some form of business-to-business endeavor. Some sell products, some sell services, some even sell franchises. They know their respective businesses, customers, and they provide invaluable support to help us (and, in turn, you) to excel. Without exaggeration, this CAN be one of the most positive work environments you might ever experience; – if you have the capabilities.

So…, if this seems to fit what you are looking for, respond to our ad….. tell us a bit about yourself…..and please attach a resume or overview of your past experiences.

AppointmentSetters.ca is Canada’s premier conduit for businesses large and small to find suitable Lead Generators and Appointment-Setters.  Retrospectively, AppointmentSetters.ca also provides select outbound telephone, email and social media marketers a means of finding thier perfect gig!

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