Hello! I am located in London, Ontario, I’m a working professional and currently have a full-time remote position – however – I am now seeking to make a career change to a new job that includes these three things:

– full-time position with benefits (including pension)
– within Central London or Canada (remote only)
– any kind of administration, operations, education, logistics or management

I have a Bachelor of Engineering and an ESL teaching certificate, I am a permanent resident of Canada with a full work permit, and I am looking for a permanent position during normal business hours. (I am currently not looking for positions in a call centre, data entry, manual labour or casual work.)

I welcome messages from any Canadian companies, employers and recruiters seeking professional full-time staff. If you can read this ad, it means I am still looking for something new, and if you would like to contact me, then please do so: I would request that you address the three points above clearly.

Have a great day!

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